Vicky Ngari

A professional background working with youth internationally to implementing
sustainable and social impact solutions within creative ideas and Lecturing.Vicky has been exploring ancient indigenous crafts, converting them into
contemporary fashion that symbolizes indigenous communities and embodies
their environmental practices. My project gathers
groups of rural women and youth to form as sustainable fashion producers and
links them to Industry. Her workshop ensures they can craft while teaching their
children, tend to the land and create income. She also bridges their practices
as knowledge exchange with industry . Her research in nature, ancient
knowledge and the future of the creative economy has engaged me with
intuitions such as Kew Royal Gardens, Cambridge MAA and V&A.

Contributing on global policy platforms and innovation labs, using Art as a
diplomatic demonstration for better capacity building, ethics on youth and
women affairs, cultural heritage, to explore new growth opportunities in the
world of Art, conservation and Innovation. The petition she began for the
repatriation of stolen ancient artefacts and has seen Vicky active in Britain and
France’s goals to restore looted treasures. A stance is about harnessing
common ground relationships with all stakeholders, for the purpose of exploring
untapped ancient knowledge to enhance modern sustainable cultures and

Vicky’s activities are long term and present amongst innovative hubs, think
tanks and bio-designers.
She maintains working on projects across different sectors in the creative
industry staying engaged with diverse talent and impactful organisations.


Emerging Leader Atlantic Dialogues
Unleash SDG Innovation Lab

Indigenous practises are natural systems of sustainability, community, health and the planet.