Natural Bio-Design

Traditional method still exist and used by elder women in villages across East Africa. Committing to sustainable fashion movement with purpose.

Including Indigenous communities and their valuable knowledge.

 Modern tools and  collaboration to amplify their environmental practices. 

The Sisal Plant is abundant, robust and does not need fertiliser to grow.

Long stems are taken and stripped, revealing their cream natural colour.


Strands are rolled together creating a neat twist.

Traditionally women in the village use their knee and hands.

Over 200 strands go into a Kiondo.  



The strands form into a ball. 

The Mutuluku Tree  

A piece of bark from this precious tree is used to dye the balls of Sisal. 

This ancient Bio-Design process can be applied to various other trees creating different colours.


After the bark is left in hot water, the colour starts to show. 

The balls of Sisal are placed inside to soak for several hours.



Ancient Indigenous Bio-Design 


Weaving  Spiral Begins 

The Navel  – symbolic of the Axis of life, the tree. Where community gather around woven together. 

Enjoy the deeper understanding of Kiondo cosmology…

Kiondo Heritage