Gucokia rui mukaro - Returning the river back to its course...

‘Kiondo is a complex document’

Kiondo cone shape turned up side down is how the Kikuyu wove there living huts.With the navel at the top symbolizing a connection to spiritual realms, spiraling to the the wider base signifying meeting earthly realities.  Nature meeting the super natural.

Young men and women formed layers of circles, spiralled around a tree. The men placed the arms on the shoulders of women supporting their arms to point towards the tree, the women wove their arms around men’s waits reflecting the warp and weft of the Kiondo. The whole circle moved rhythmically around the tree representing the navel and axis of the world, nature. 

Honouring Ancestors where three sacred trees meet as one. 

Special Thank you to Dr  Joseph Kamenju MŨKŨYŨ

Professor and Gĩkũyũ Shaman dedicated to the origins of Kikuyu Kĩondo Cosmology.


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