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The Kiondo’s natural colour is cream traditionally made from stripping the Sisal plant, then dyed a rich brown using the bark of a muasi (tree) or sand.

Each Kiondo is slightly different , creating a unique social interaction between the individual wearer's. Brass metal handles and finishing symbolise Gold amplification of the Kiondo Kosmology.

 The cone shape turned upside down is how Kikuyu  traditionally wove living huts.

The crafting starts with the navel at the top representing the cosmic order from one source, then spiralling down, symbolic of spiritual realities which meets earthly realm at the wider bottom. 

Communities gathered, weaving their arms together to imitate the circular layers as they rhythmically rotated around a tree (symbolising the navel of the Kiondo) emphasising tree’s as the origin or axis of the world

Children held hands while playing the Kiondo game, while singing , constructing and deconstructing a living spiral like the Kiondo technique. 

 The Vicky Ngari Logo is the merging of a butterfly at the centre, symbolic of spiritual growth and cowrie shells a signature accent across Vicky Ngari designs, representing ancient meaning of purity, wealth and natural ecological order, real cowrie shells collected on the shore purposely clean the oceans sea bed.

  • SISAL - Robust plant from the Aloe family which doesn't need any fertilisers. 
  • CUSTOMISED - Available at request - minimum order of 5.  
  • WHOLESALE - Available at request. 
  • STYLISH - Ergonomic design and premium materials for enhanced comfort
  • Worn on Ankle or Wrist
  • Universal Fit