Womens Workshop

The Rural Retail is a mission to engage indigenous knowledge and communities in global Sustainable Production & Story Telling.

Vicky Ngari Kiondo is born from creating a sustainable fashion workshops working with grassroots rural women’s groups.

Knowledge exchange of Indigenous methods with modern design standards must include the people and guardians of these ancient practices.

Our Goal is to form rural women’s groups as sustainable manufactures and invite the retail sector to produce with them.


•Planet + People conscious products.
•Women’s Work opportunities in their own Environment.
•Global Industry Skills accessible.
•Retailers involved with social and environmental movements.
•Storytelling underrepresented issues in sustainability.
•Innovations from the past, for our future.

Beyond Fistula

Fistula a condition of the female uterus area often leaving women to give birth to still borns and after with life long painful unpleasant symptoms that can lead to being ostracized from their community.

This small organization started after seeing the social and economic devastating effects of women left to fend for themselves.

Beyond Fistula trains them in agriculture and small business skills skills , however being in rural area’s business is rare.

We hold  Kiondo workshops sharing individual stories and creatively branding their baskets individually and as a group. This proves as a healing process.

By the second workshop, women had started selling Kiondo’s , some reported their community welcoming them back. Single mothers being able to provide for their children.